U.S. president to sign executive orders enacting stringent new Buy American regimen

U.S. President Biden will sign executive orders to strengthen Buy American provisions that require American labour in projects built with U.S. federal public money.

WASHINGTON — Less than a week after the economic gut punch of Keystone XL, Canada is bracing for more bad news today from the White House.

President Joe Biden is enacting a new Buy American regime to ensure U.S. workers and companies reap the benefits of government spending.

The plan promises to increase the amount of U.S. content a project would require to qualify as being "made in America."

It also includes a "crackdown" on waivers like the hard-won exceptions Canada secured during the Obama administration in 2010.

Today's executive order comes less than a week after Biden rescinded a presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline expansion.

It also establishes a new Made-in-America office in the White House to oversee the new rules and ensure they are properly enforced.

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