U.S. President Biden to announce $2 trillion infrastructure plan under Buy American laws

The United States President is poised to unveil $2 trillion in infrastructure spending, and Canadian companies and products are expected to be mostly blocked from benefitting due to Buy American rules.

The Canadian Press

WASHINGTON — The first $2-trillion tranche of Joe Biden's sweeping infrastructure plan is fuelling Canadian concern about "Buy American" protectionism.

The package, which the U.S. president is promoting today in Pittsburgh, includes $650 billion for highways, airlines and water systems, $400 billion for home care and $300 billion for affordable housing.

Biden is bent on resurrecting America's manufacturing sector, as well — the plan includes $580 billion for manufacturing, job training and R & D.

North of the border, stakeholders will be listening closely for clues to how hard it will be for Canadian suppliers and contractors to take part.

More stringent Buy American rules, designed to ensure the benefits of U.S. spending stay at home, were a cornerstone of Biden's election campaign.

Today's announcement includes details of proposed tax increases to pay for the plan — increases that Republicans in Congress are not likely to support.

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