Survey shows seniors happier with COVID-19 vaccine rollout in Quebec than in Ontario

While 76 per cent of Quebec seniors were satisfied with vaccine roll-out in their province, only 27 per cent were satisfied with the roll-out in Ontario.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — A new survey suggests seniors in Quebec are much happier about their province's vaccine rollout than their neighbours are about how things are going in Ontario.

The survey by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies shows 61 per cent of Quebec respondents reported being satisfied with the province's daily vaccine numbers.

That is a slight decrease from when the same question was asked two weeks earlier, but higher than the 41 per cent of those in Ontario who said they were satisfied.

The survey also found nearly 76 per cent of Quebecers aged 65 to 69 reported being satisfied with the number of vaccines being administered daily in their province.

That number was only 27 per cent in Ontario.

The online poll of 1,523 adult Canadians was conducted March 26-28 and it cannot be assigned a margin of error because web polls are not considered random samples.

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