Supreme Court to say today if it will hear 'extreme intoxication' case

The Supreme Court will today decide whether to hear an appeal of an Ontario court decision that a legal ban on a defence of intoxication is unconstitutional. The Ontario justice ruled two violent act committed while intoxicated were involuntary.

TORONTO — The Supreme Court decides today if it will weigh in on a ruling related to the defence of extreme intoxication.

Critics worry the earlier decision will allow a person accused of violent crime to argue they did not know what they were doing.

The Ontario Court of Appeal set aside convictions in two cases after finding part of the law unconstitutional.

The relevant provision bars an accused from using self-induced extreme intoxication as a defence.

The men in the two cases, Thomas Chan and David Sullivan, were both high on drugs when they either killed or injured close relatives.

Both were convicted but the Appeal Court said it's wrong to punish someone for something they did involuntarily.

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