Ontario Premier Ford extends restrictions as COVID-19 cases fall slowly

In a rare public appearance, Ontario's unpopular premier extends restrictions. After rejecting the recommendations of his own pandemic advisors, resulting hundreds of deaths and overflowing hospitals, COVID-19 cases are only slowing falling.

Premier Doug Ford has extended Ontario's stay-at-home order until at least June 2.

The extension of public heath restrictions come as Ontario COVID-19 cases fall, but only slowly. Ontario recorded more than 2,700 new cases yesterday and 31 more people died.

The Ontario Premier, now widely unpopular after his refusal to implement recommendations from his own pandemic advisors allowed a deadly third wave, says current restrictions must continue longer. Many usually normal business and person activities have been banned. Schools are closed.

Ontario's third wave led to hundreds of deaths, many among essential workers without access to paid sick leave. The Premier's pandemic advisors had recommended he implement paid sick leave and a focus on hotspots while re-opening many outdoor activities.

The announcement marked a rare public appearance for Ford, who dropped out out public sight after an attempt to implement what many critics called a "police state" response to the third wave. Ford's plan to shut down outside playgrounds and give police wider powers of detainment and arrest were walked back within days of being made.

The Ford government has recently been trying to recover from its sudden drop in popularity by provoking fights with Ottawa, blaming foreign students for COVID-19 spread and falsely claiming teachers have made injunctions to stop schools from reopening.

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