No resolutions concerning abortion to make it into policy debate at Tory convention

Despite a strong push by anti-abortion groups, the Conservative Party has blocked all resolutions on abortion from coming to debate at their convention next weekend.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — None of the policy resolutions up for a vote at next week's federal Conservative party convention are about abortion.

That's despite a full-court press by anti-abortion groups to get several ideas onto the virtual convention floor.

The proposals that will go to a vote were released today and were determined by a vote among riding associations.

Thirty-four submissions made the cut, including one that makes it clear Conservatives believe in climate change and the need for policy to address it.

The number one goal for anti-abortion groups was to remove the party's existing policy that a Conservative government would not regulate abortion.

Groups are still mounting an effort to do that by trying to turn the issue into a constitutional amendment during the convention itself.

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