Most Ontarians dissatisfied with Ford government vaccine roll-out: poll

54 per cent of Ontarians think the Ford government is doing a bad job on vaccine roll-out, the highest dissatisfaction in Canada, according to Angus Reid. Lowest dissatisfaction was in B.C. where only 21 per cent said the Horgan government is doing poorly on vaccine roll-out.

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An Angus Reid survey has found discontent with vaccine roll out is highest in Ontario and Manitoba and lowest in British Columbia and the Atlantic provinces.

Nationally, Nationally, 42 per cent say their provincial government is doing a good job and 39 per say it’s doing a bad job. But there is great variation from province to province.

While the federal government has the lead on obtaining vaccine doses and delivering them around Canada, provincial authorities are responsible for set up vaccination clinics and administering the doses to residents of their province.

In Ontario, 54 per cent of survey respondents said they believed the Doug Ford government was doing a bad job of vaccine roll-out. Only 30 per cent said the roll-out was going well. The Manitoba government of Scott Moe was the second most poorly rated. Among Manitobans, 51 per cent said the roll-out is bad while only 31 said it was good.

According to data from Canadian Press, as on Monday morning, Ontario and Manitoba have only distributed 58 per cent and 45 percent, respectively, of the vaccine doses they have received.

Dissatisfaction was lowest in British Columbia, where only 21 per cent said the roll-out was bad and 51 per cent said it was good. Residents in Atlantic provinces, taken together, registered the next lowest dissatisfaction, with only 25 per cent the roll-out was going badly while 50 per cent said it was going well.

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