Many Canadians who contracted COVID-19 worried about dying: Poll

Over a third of Canadians who tested positive for the virus causing COVID-19 worried that they might die. According to the Leger survey, 43 per cent said the disease made them "very sick."

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — New polling suggests many Canadians who have contracted COVID-19 worried they would die from the illness.

The survey by Léger and the Association for Canadian Studies found that 35 per cent — or more than one in three — Canadians who tested positive for COVID-19 worried they would die.

The poll also found that nearly one-quarter of those who contracted the illness said they had known someone who died from it.

As for the severity of their illnesses, 43 per cent said they felt very sick while 27 per cent were not very sick and 14 per cent said they did not have any symptoms at all.

The online polling was conducted from July 3 to Nov. 29, during which 21,225 Canadians were contacted, of whom 303 said that they had contracted COVID-19.

The poll cannot be assigned a margin of error because internet-based polls are not considered truly random.


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