Liberals gear up for election with call for candidates

In a video on the Liberal Party website, Justin Trudeau asks for candidates to come forward for election that will come "at some point."

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The federal Liberals are looking for candidates seeking to run for them in the next election, focusing on people who have been working to help their communities through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau makes the pitch in a video posted to the party website.

With his jacket off and tie loosened for the camera, Trudeau says holidays at the end of the year are a natural time to think about what comes next, and people who have been rolling up their sleeves to assist with the pandemic might want to think about jumping into politics.

Trudeau also says the party wants a candidate roster that represents all voices in shaping Canada's post-pandemic future.

The Liberals say that in constituencies held by MPs from other parties, the local riding association will have to show that it's looked hard for potential candidates from communities or backgrounds that are under-represented in Parliament.

Trudeau, who heads a minority government, does not say when he expects that election to come, other than it will be "at some point in the years ahead."

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