Kielburgers issue new demands before testifying in parliamentary committee

Now under a summons to appear, the Kielburger brothers are setting out conditions. Their lawyer argues police may be able to use information from their testimony in law-enforcement investigations against Kielburgers.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Marc and Craig Kielburger's appearance before the federal ethics committee next week remains uncertain after the WE Charity co-founders laid out a list of conditions before testifying.

The brothers had reversed their initial refusal to testify and requested to come before the committee this Monday after it voted unanimously to summon the pair.

But in a letter posted through a WE Charity Twitter account, the Kielburgers' lawyer William McDowell now says that law-enforcement agencies could draw on the information disclosed in the hearings, even though it falls under parliamentary privilege.

NDP ethics critic Charlie Angus has referred various matters surrounding the Toronto-based organization to the RCMP and the Canada Revenue Agency.

McDowell is demanding that lawyers be able to appear on camera, make an opening statement and intervene to object to questions put to the Kielburgers during testimony.

Angus says he expects the brothers to testify regardless of whether their latest demands are met, in accordance with parliamentary precedent and an outstanding legal summons.

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