Judge expected to rule on challenge to 'anti-Alberta' activities inquiry

A court will today rule on whether Jason Kenney's "Anti-Alberta activities" inquiry can continue. Critics have raised concern the government inquiry is being used to bully and silence Kenney's political critic.

A judge is expected to rule this morning on a challenge of the United Conservative government's inquiry into whether foreign groups have conspired against Alberta's oil industry.

The environmental law firm Ecojustice alleges the Public Inquiry Into Funding of Anti-Alberta Energy Campaigns is biased against charities that have raised concerns about the industry.

It has asked a judge to strike down the inquiry that it calls politically motivated.

The provincial government and some industry leaders have said Canadian environmental charities that accept U.S. funding are part of a plot against Alberta's energy industry.

The province has said the plot aims to block pipelines and landlock Alberta's oil to benefit its American competitors.

Legal scholars and non-profit groups say the inquiry is an attempt to bully and silence industry critics.

The inquiry's final report, already delayed, is due May 31.

Calgary, The Canadian Press

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