Having a Miserable Winter? Go for a Walk

If one were to engineer the optimal activity to help us not only navigate but even enjoy the coldest, darkest months, it would need to satisfy certain criteria. To be safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it should be outdoors, regardless of snow or sleet. It should provide a boost for our bodies and brains, to keep the human machine functioning smoothly during a season when it may be repeatedly tested. It should be social as long as it’s safe, but it could also be solo, for those times when we just need some space. Staying local, to reduce viral transmission, would be good. So would something accessible to as many people as possible, notwithstanding hurdles of age, affluence, and ability—differences that determine what we can do, and where and when we can do it, to take care of ourselves. And, considering that climate change was a big concern before COVID-19 changed the channel, it would be nice to tread lightly on the planet while trying to stay sane and in shape.


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