How Real Estate TV Became a Cruel Joke

There's a lie you can tell yourself about living in a city, a fantasy you can muster to make sense of the cramped quarters you exchange for walkable distances and good restaurants. Somehow you convince yourself that it’s all worth it, that the nightlife and delicious food will negate the crushing despair of high rents and small spaces. But, as those very same restaurants, bars, and art galleries are forced to shut down over high rents and pandemic-related loss of business, that lie becomes unsustainable. Many of us now have to reckon with the reality of our actual square footage. Suddenly, the truth of just how tiny my home is feels devastating. You don’t necessarily have to feel bad for me, but I spent the early part of the pandemic stuck in a 400-square-foot Toronto apartment with my husband and two young kids, so you may want to extend a little sympathy my way.

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