Rooting out racists and extremist is job for next CAF commander, says PM

Rooting out racists and extremists from the Canadian Armed Forces will happen under next commander, says Prime Minister. No timeline yet on a replacement for Gen. Jonathan Vance.

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says priorities for the next commander of the Canadian Armed Forces include tackling systemic racism and rooting extremism from the ranks.

This is the first time Trudeau has shared his vision for the role since Gen. Jonathan Vance announced in July he was getting ready to step down as chief of the defence staff.

Trudeau told The Canadian Press during a wide-ranging interview today that the new defence chief will be named soon, though he stopped short of providing a timeline.

Trudeau says aside from operational and strategic skills and experience, the chosen candidate will need to focus on making the military more inclusive and reflective of Canadian values.

The military in recent years has been stung with a variety of controversies.

That includes what Trudeau described as "concerning" and "troubling" reports of extremism among some service members.

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