Federal scientists say Prairies to become hotter, drier with more fires and floods

Report from Natural Resources Canada says Prairies are warming faster than any part of Canada below the Arctic region and will bring hotter temperatures and drier conditions more susceptible to fires and flooding.

Federal scientists are predicting a hot, dry and fiery future for the Prairies.

In a report released today, Natural Resources Canada says the prairie region is warming at the fastest rate of any area in the southern part of the country.

The report says floods in the spring and fall, droughts in the summer and fires will increasingly plague the West, which will make water management a crucial issue.

It says grasslands and aspen parkland will expand and the boreal forest will shrink.

It says some alpine ecosystems are likely to disappear completely.

The report says those changes are already happening.

Out of the 20 most costly weather-related disasters since 1983, 13 happened on the Prairies.

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