Ontario reports 2,923 new COVID cases as protest continue outside scarborough long-term care home

Ontario yesterday identified a record 2,923 new cases as families of residents in a Scarborough long-term care home aimed at increasing help where 53 staff have been infected by the COVID-19 virus and 48 residents are dead.

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As Ontario's identified COVID-19 cases surged to new heights, families of residents in the Tendercare Living Centre continued yesterday continued calls to increase staffing levels at the long-term care residence where at least 48 have already died.

On Tuesday, Ontario public health identified 2,923 more people with COVID-19 infection, by far more new cases than in any other day during the pandemic. Another 19 people died.

Protests continued outside the Tendercare Living Centre in Scarborough where families called on the Ontario government to step up care to protect their parents and grandparents. While the Minister for Long-Term Care, Merillee Fullerton, has said the situation at the home "is stable," family members say staffing is so low that no one at the long-term care residence will even pick up the phone to confirm whether their family member is alive or dead.

In addition to the 101 resident cases at the home, 53 staff have tested positive for the virus. Family members and opposition politicians have called for the Canadian Armed Forces and the Red Cross to help staff the care home.




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