Dozens of Payette's staff called workplace toxic, hostile or poisoned

Dozens of staff told investigators the Governor-General's office was a toxic, hostile or poisoned workplace.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — The review of Rideau Hall that led governor general Julie Payette to resign found dozens of people who called the working conditions there hostile, negative, toxic or poisoned.

The government released the review by Quintet Consulting Corp. Wednesday evening.

It's heavily redacted, primarily to protect participants' privacy, and whole pages of details are blacked out or removed.

But the review says representative comments about Rideau Hall include phrases such as "the definition of a poisoned work environment," and "humiliation," "disrespect" and "condescension."

It says participants reported yelling, screaming, aggressive conduct, demeaning comments and public humiliations.

Payette resigned as governor general last Thursday, admitting no specific wrongdoing but saying she was doing it for the good of the institution.

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