Nearly 300 in ICUs across Quebec and Ontario

Health workers across Ontario and Quebec are feeling the pressure as they help nearly 1,400 people with COVID-19 in hospital with nearly 300 of them in intensive care units.

Ontario is reporting an increase in people in hospital with COVID-19, adding more pressure on the health-care system as more details are expected about how the Canadian Armed Forces are planning to roll out a vaccine.

Ontario reported 666 people are hospitalized Thursday with COVID-19, with 195 in intensive care.

Hospitalizations declined slightly in Quebec to 737, but the number of people in the intensive care unit remained unchanged at 99.

The seven-day rolling average of new cases nationally is 6,044.

Health officials in regions across the country have reported increasing pressures on hospitals and front-line workers during the second wave of the pandemic as they prepare for the possibility of a vaccine to relieve pressure in coming months.

The Canadian Armed Forces received formal orders last week to start planning for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

A planning directive for Operation Vector includes preparations on vaccine-storage facilities and notes the possibility of flying doses on short notice from Spain, Germany and the U.S.

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