Could the Skidding Vaccine Rollout Be the Thing that Crashes the Liberals?

Wasn’t 2021 supposed to be better? Vaccines on the way and an end to the Trump era had us all looking forward to an epic pandemic wrap party and some welcome respite from political chaos. Sadly, there are still some black swans flapping around that could make 2020 seem like the good old days, and perhaps even imperil the Liberal Party of Canada.

For those who are neither partisan Liberals nor rabid Yellow Vest supporters, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sometimes seen as an insipid irritant — not terrible but tolerable. Regular self-inflicted scandals, reflexive over-reliance on secrecy and spin and a smug inability to accept responsibility seem baked into his political persona. And while these failings are increasingly annoying, the prospect of a prime minister Erin O’Toole is apparently worse to most Canadians.

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