Nanos: Conservatives mired at 26% while NDP up at 20% and Liberals rise to 36%

Latest Nanos Research poll shows Conservatives in mid-20s for third week while Liberals and New Democrats have increased support from the election held last fall. 

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The Conservative Party remains at historically low levels of support, according to a Nanos Research poll released Tuesday showing the party's support at 26 per cent.

Nanos Research, which takes weekly surveys of public sentiment, pegged the Conservatives at 27 per cent last week and 26 per cent the week before. Support for the Conservative Party led by Opposition leader Erin O'Toole has fallen eight points since the election held in fall 2019, when O'Toole's predecessor Andrew Scheer received 34 per cent support.

The governing Liberals of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, continue to flirt with majority government levels, increasing their support to 36 per cent in this week's Nanos poll. In the last two elections resulting in one party holding a majority of seats the winning party earned 39 per cent support.

The social democratic NDP led by Jagmeet Singh are up four points from their 2019 election mark, holding 20 per cent support, according to Nanos Research.

Despite low levels of support, the Conservatives regularly vote no-confidence in the minority Liberal government, giving NDP leader Singh the ability to extract concessions from the Trudeau Liberals.




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