Canadian Laws Were Made For Corporations, Not You And Me

In Canada, non-violently obstructing a corporation’s capacity to conduct business on land it “owns” can result in a criminal charge of mischief and a maximum of 10 years incarceration.  Under s. 430(1)(c) of the Criminal Code, it’s a criminal offense to willfully obstruct, interrupt or interfere with the lawful use, enjoyment, or operation of property.

This year, police have made a number of high profile arrests on the grounds of mischief and breach of various court injunctions. 

In January, 13 Unifor members were charged with mischief for forming a picket line blockade in breach of a court injunction in Regina. The employer, the Co-op Refinery Complex, locked out its workers and set up a scab work camp after the union refused to accept cuts to workers’ pension plan.

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