Premier Horgan says B.C. will plug holes in Trudeau sick-pay plan

Premier John Horgan says to prevent COVID-19 spread, B.C. will plug holes in the federal government's sick-pay plan recently negotiated by federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

Premier John Horgan says he will look to fill gaps in the federal government's sick-pay benefits program aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Horgan says he's heard there are holes in the recent program, but wants to see data detailing the issues before taking any action.

Horgan made the comments at a news conference ahead of next week's recall of British Columbia's legislature.

The federal sick-pay benefits program was implemented to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at workplaces by covering the pay of workers who previously didn't get sick pay and may go to work in order to be paid.

He says workers should not be denied pay when they are preventing COVID-19's spread.

The B.C. government was behind the push that saw the federal Liberals introduce a sick-pay program with the support of the federal New Democrats in Parliament.

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