Three senators still won't say if they we in Canada during holiday break

88 of 93 Senators say they stayed put during the holiday season. Senators Don Plett and Vern White previously admitted to taking trips to Mexico and Finland. Senators Scott Tannas, Josee Verne Jean-Guy Dagenais haven't response to repeated inquiries.

The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — All but five of Canada's 93 senators say they have not travelled outside the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eighty-eight senators say they've been following public health guidelines to refrain from international travel in bid to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Two have admitted to travelling abroad over the holidays.

Conservative Senate leader Don Plett briefly went to Mexico before thinking better of it and returning three days later to Manitoba, where he is currently quarantining.

Vern White, a member of the Canadian Senators Group, visited his wife's parents in Finland, where he is currently in quarantine.

Three other senators, all members of the Canadian Senators Group, have not responded to repeated queries about whether they've been out of the country since Dec. 1.

They are CSG leader Sen. Scott Tannas, deputy leader Sen. Josee Verner and Sen. Jean-Guy Dagenais.

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