Alberta poll puts Notley’s NDP in lead as Premier Kenney’s job approval languishes

A poll of Alberta votes by Environics Research released Thursday shows Rachel Notley's NDP at 47 per cent support while support for the governing UCP falls to 40 per cent amid low job approvals for Premier Jason Kenney.

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Less than two years after winning government by defeating the Alberta New Democrats led by Rachel Notley, a poll from Environics Research now shows that in an election held today, Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party would likely be sent to the opposition benches.

The poll, released Thursday, shows Notley’s NDP holding the support of 47 per cent of Albertans while Kenney’s UCP has the support of 40 per cent.

According to Environics, Notley’s party holds 59 per cent support in Edmonton, compared to Kenney’s 31 per cent. In Calgary, Notley’s NDP is ahead with 46 per cent support while Kenney’s party holds 39 per cent support. Jason Kenney’s UCP continues to lead outside the two major centres with 48 per cent support while the NDP stands at 37 per cent.

When Jason Kenney’s job approval and disapproval scores are added, the Alberta Premier has a net -20 approval, while Notley’s net score is +11. Only eight per cent of Albertans think the Premier is doing a very good job.

While polls had shown a tightening between the UCP and NDP, this is the first poll since the 2019 putting the New Democrats ahead. Multiple polls have shown Albertans are more unhappy with their Premier’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic than voters in any other province. In recent days the coronavirus has been hitting Albertans harder than in any other part of the country.

Conservatives, under various parties, have held power in Alberta for 81 of the past 85 years. The social democratic NDP formed government from 2015 until 2019, when Notley served as Premier.


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